Let's Play Dress-Up!!!
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Help me pick a costume for this years round of Purim Parties!

So here's the deal. What are some good ideas for costumes for Purim that I can make cheaply and easily. Say a budget of $10, and a time limit of 1 hour of preparation. Any costume considered, no matter how wacky!
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Depending on how closely you want to stick to actual jewish themes, it would be worth searching through the many Halloween costume threads for cheap/wacky costume ideas.

If you're looking for more traditional (yet wacky!) ideas, I recommend you go as Queen Esther. On stilts.
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Oh, and while my suggestion stands, you may want to mention your gender and any other details/limitations that might dictate whether it's really funny or just plain wrong for you to show up as any variety of queen.
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Traditional doesn't matter. And Queen Esther is taken as my girlfriend is going as her... =)

I will check out some Halloween threads though. Who else has some tips?
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Go as a Hamentaschen. I recommend poppyseed.
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I vaguely remember dressing as a hamentashen for Purim one year when I was a kid. All you need is two pieces of posterboard cut into large triangles. Decorate them with tan and red (or the color of the filling of your choice) felt to resemble hamentashen, then string them together sandwich board-style.
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pinky beat me to it !
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Also, that should be "all you need are..."
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Apricot might be nice as well, if you consider yourself a "fall."
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What about going as Haman?
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Or, go as a hayman (=haman? *crickets chirping*)
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Just in case Solotoro's pun wasn't bad enough, you could go as a scarecrow. Ugh.
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If your girlfriend is dressing as Esther, wouldn't King Ahasueros be the natural costume for you?
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Kingly garments are hard. But hamentashen, that's perfect! Brilliant! Superb! I figure I can do it for about $5, and 30 minutes (plus time to go to the store).

Thanks everyone!
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I helped persuade a stranger to dress as a pastry. This is the most awesome day ever!
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