sticky notes where the whole thing's sticky?
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I'm looking for a specific kind of sticky note.

Is there any company that makes a sticky note where the adhesive covers the entire piece of paper?

I like to leave myself notes on the outside of folders here at work, but with a regular (or even super-) sticky note, the part that's not adhesive gets folded out, and when I put it back in the wire rack I have, quite often the notes pop off.

There doesn't seem to be anything like what I'm looking for at 3M's website and a search for "sticky notes" on google just brings up computer software programs.
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Best answer: I think what you're looking for are removable labels.
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They'd be kind of a hassle to get off the stack.

When I have this problem, I just use the smaller kind of sticky note, which has less loose length to wave around.
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They do have post-its that are full-page size (they used to, anyway) but the sticky part doesn't cover the whole thing. BUT you can buy some glue stick-type stuff that does the same thing. It's made of that temporary, repositionable adhesive. I'm sorry, but I don't know the name, but it looks like a glue stick. If you don't find it in an office supply store, try a good art supply store. I usually see repositionable stuff like that there.
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Best answer: I'd suggest using 3m's restickable glue stick and a post-it sized note pad or just apply to the non-sticky part of the post-it note. The office manager at a former employer was so desperate to save the company money, we weren't allowed to order post-its, we had to use the glue stick and scratch paper. The glue stick worked pretty well. Also, you can check out 3m's new index card thingys . I don't know if the glue is on the whole card or just part, but looks like you can order a free sample.
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Get a Xyron 250 or 500, and then get a repositionable adhesive cartridge refill. Make your own full-size-adhesive post-its.

Note: I've never used Xyron products before, but this guy has.
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Why don't you just flip a standard sticky note over, so that the adhesive part is on the 'bottom' of the note instead of the 'top?' That way, the folders go into the drawer easily, and I would imagine that the notes are much less likely to somehow get folded when you're pulling the folder OUT.
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Another solution — we use these at the office where I work now — is transparent plastic folders with the sticky notes on the inside facing out.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions!

Smaller notes wouldn't work because I take a lot of notes and write big.

Using them upside down wouldn't work either, because the rack that I use keeps the folders apart by one wire, and the note could just as easily get caught the other way.

I will have to check out the glue stick and the labels.
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The index cards are just sticky on a strip at one end, like regular Post-Its.
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