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Are there any good job board 'services'? (I'm looking for an actual service that I can host/manage, for a community job board)...

I'm looking for something similar to or craigslist. Preferably a hosted business services -- one that I can setup and administer, define job categories, accept payments for job postings, etc.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Take a look at PowWeb's auto-install offerings if you're looking for something that's point-and-click to install:

Although, you will have to pay quite a bit attention to the setup of the databases (powweb makes it nearly foolproof, but it's amazing how foolish I have been in the past).

They have an entire section of e-commerce installs and once you get deep into looking they have a lot of methods for taking payment, etc.
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I'm actually looking for the exact same thing as well, but likely a hosted solution. seems to do the job, and offers hosting.
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Take a look at JobCoin ( 100% hosted, no database setup or any knowledge of programming required.

You can define the categories, the price to post, and configure it to look and feel like your site (even a custom domain if you want).

Full disclosure: I founded JobCoin, but I mention it here only because it's directly what you asked for. My goal is not to shamelessly promote.
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