Good typography software?
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I'd like to know what PC software is best to make this [nsfw] piece of motion typography animation. (previously on MeFi). A few guesses are After Effects or Director but I'm not sure. Anyone know?
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Almost a 99.9% chance that it was done in After Effects. Every motion graphics artist in the world uses it, because nothing really comes close to touching its featureset.

Director can't even come close to producing animation as sophisticated as this.
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If you check out the artist's resume, After Effects is first on his list of tools of the trade.
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It's either After Effects or Apple Motion, but I'd say the first.
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Might also look into Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash or my favorite, Swish.

A lot depends on the output format you're looking for, of course, but Swish is pretty versatile.
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It's almost impossible to tell what it was actually created in. I could create such a piece in Flash, but it would not be fun. But I'm 4thing After Effects, because it's state-of-the-art in terms of Text Animation (seconded by Apple's LiveType; thirded by Boris). Here's a cool gallery of the PRESET text effects in AE (scroll down to the bottom and note that there are 21 pages!!!). Note that these are just the presets -- you can create an infinite number of other effect, and you can also modify the presets.
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Oh, and thanks for the link. That was damn fine typographic design. And one of my favorite pieces of dialog, evar.
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