Artist Hunt - HBO's ROME
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Does anyone know who the artist is that did the art in the opening credits of HBO's ROME? TIA!!!
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A company called yU+co, apparently.

Third hit on HBO Rome Art in Google.
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Jeff Beal
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The skull mosaic is an actual mosaic found at Pompeii. Here's an image. It's usually called Memento Mori, which roughly means "Remembrance of Death." You should be able to find more images if you search for that.

In the commentary on the DVDs, they pointed out that a copy of the mosaic was in Caesar's tent in the Pharsalus episode.
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Actually, after suggesting that you might be able to, I couldn't find more images. It looks like yU+co just made the title logo and Jeff Beal composed the theme, so I'll assume you were asking about the mosaic. I was able to find that the original is at the Museo Nazionale in Naples, so you could go see it if you're ever in the area. It's probably reproduced in several books, too.

The other art in the intro, the graffiti on the walls, was modeled on ancient graffiti. The title sequence gets discussed in one of the first few commentaries on the DVDs, and I don't remember the specifics. But I believe it was created in-house, though that doesn't help you much.
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