Mommy, can I eat yet??
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How soon after very minor oral surgery can I go back to eating normally?

A whole year after I asked this question, I've gone ahead and gotten a labial frenectomy (that's the muscle that attaches your upper lip to your gums). It was super quick, and doesn't even really hurt that much, but I still have a stitched up little wound in my mouth, and am not sure when it's okay to start eating normal (solid/hard) food. I realize you're all thinking "why not ask the doctor?", but I forgot to after the procedure yesterday, and his office is already closed for the day - so I figured I might as well poll the hive mind. Do you think I have pizza for dinner today?
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Man, I even previewed the question twice -- Do you think I can have pizza for dinner today?
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probably. but if it hurts, stop.

if there were a lot of special dietary restrictions, they would have probably included it in writing.
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Pizza's probably a dumb idea, as the spices and the acidic tomato sauce are really going to sting the hell out of a mouth-wound.

Clamp your upper lip against your teeth and proceed with caution.
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I always give it 24 hours after dental surgery of most kinds to resume eating a normal diet (except an extraction where a soft diet is advisable for at least several days). Then rinse each night with a chlorhexidene digluconate based mouthwash to remove chances of infection and also to speed up tissue recovery.

Pizza might not be a great idea immediately for the reasons hermitosis raises, but as long as you rinse afterwards I don't see there'd be any problems beyond possible pain during eating.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.
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You might want to cut up your pizza so you don't have to bite it with your front teeth, at least until your stitches fall out. If you do that I think you should be fine. I am not a doctor, but I have had oral surgery (wisdom teeth).
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Some years ago, I had two wisdom teeth pulled out from one side of my mouth, that happened in the morning. By 6pm I was already eating chips and peanuts. I wouldn't recommend it, but I'd say you can eat whetever doesn't irritate the wound or open the stitches. Just make sure you wash your teeth immediately after and maybe rinse your mouth with water and baking soda or mouthwash.
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Look, it's only for one night, you can ask the doctor tomorrow.

If you eat something and it messes up the surgery, that's gonna hurt. And cost.

Chill out and ask in the morning.
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Hermitosis - good point. I didn't even think about that. I've moved on to mac 'n cheese...soft, bland comfort food.
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