Bands on TV: who, what, when?
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Is there a site out there that will tell me what bands are playing on the major late-night talk shows/SNL/any other outlet for bands and on which day? Preferably with an RSS feed?

While I consider myself to be very proficient at teh intarwebs, one thing that I'm missing in all of my RSS feeds is something that will say who is playing on what show for any given day.

I let Explosions in the Sky on Conan last Tuesday and Arcade Fire on SNL last Saturday slip through the cracks (thank heavens for bittorrent), but I don't want that to be the norm.

I'd love to see a site (a music blog or something?) that once a day or week outlines the bands that will be appearing on said television shows, which I could then subscribe to in my RSS reader.

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(no SNL though)
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Frank Serpas' SNL page covers Saturday Night Live, including a weekly e-mail of both the new episode and rerun lineups.
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You may even be able use Yahoo Pipes to filter those feed for musical guests only, or some subset of artists.
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VH1 "RockOnTV" has exactly the content you're looking for, including EVERYTHING. For instance, in addition to artists appearing on SNL, all the talk shows, random music shows, etc., it catches a showing of Napoleon Dynamite because Haylie Duff sings in that talent show. You will not miss an artist.

I don't see an RSS feed for this info, if not you can maybe have that one guy scrape this page and create a feed for you. The site is searchable by artist and by show, and you can get the weekly overview emailed to you as a newsletter.
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Pitchfork does a weekly roundup of these for the US networks. You could use Pipes to strip out everything else from their general news feed.
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Thanks for the responses hive mind.

VH1's info is almost *too* much (ask and you shall receive I guess), but the idea stupidsexyFlanders gave about seeing if that dude can scrape it is enticing.

Of course, this may be the perfect candidate for a pipe, using a combination of the link punishinglemur gave with the SNL page bradlands mentioned.

I'd still like to hear any other suggestions if fellow MeFites have got them.
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