Windows won't let me install!
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Help! Windows won't let me install downloaded programs.

I have a new computer with Windows XP. I've downloaded and installed all the updates and it will let me install programs that I have on CD, but when I try and download programs it says they're corrupt. I've downloaded Mozilla, WinZip, and GAIM from their official sites and I've got some variant on that same error for each one.
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OK here's the really weird part: I just downloaded Firefox to a shared folder on my father's computer and it installed from there.

Also, anyone know of any other good places to ask questions like this?
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ask on
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Make sure that the files are saved to be read-write and that you've got all the right permissions (i.e. are logged in as administrator). I had XP give me "corrupted" errors once when what it really meant was "you need to be admin"...

Also, if that fails, try downloading somewhere else/with a different computer, and then installing. Whatever you're using to download (IExploder, I assume) may be screwed up and corrupting downloads. (Just because it's a clean install doesn't mean Windows is actually, uh, working...)
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Use Mobile Firefox and try downloading a file. If it is still corrupt, then there is something amiss with Windows. If not, then IE is your problem.

If IE is your problem, try clearing the cache (tools->internet options->browsing history->clear temporary internet files).

If that doesn't work (and depending on what version of IE you're using) the eldergeek has some suggestions on how to repair IE.
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Oh, download Mobile Firefox on the other workstation and put it on a usb key or some such to try it out on the other workstation.
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Well, are they corrupt or not? Have you tried running them on a different machine? What versions of firefox did you download? They publish the md5sums of their packages on their ftp site. Run an md5sum utility in windows and compare the values.
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My bet is a faulty RAM module - try Memtest86+ and see if it picks up any problems. Otherwise it could be your hard drive - you should be able to download a diagnostic program from the manufacturer's website.
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