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Across Lite & NYT crossword puzzle question.

I have a NYT crossword subscription. The Across Lite software has a number of features at the top -- "check," "reveal," etc. Sometimes when I download a puzzle the features are active and I can use them. Other times the features are not active. I'd like to have the features available. Is there a trick to it? I'm pretty tech-dense.
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You can't use the "check" and "reveal" functions until the solution for the puzzle has been made available. If the solutions are already available when you first download the puzzle, those functions are automatically activated. Otherwise, they are greyed out until you "unlock" the answers by entering the 4-digit code for the answer key, which is posted when the next day's puzzle goes up. I was confused about this at first, too!
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Thhhaaaanks!!! (Shheesh!)
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