What is this symbol?
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Weird-Symbol-Filter: I have driven past this house every day to work for years and I am no closer to working out what this symbol hanging above the owner's gateway is. Help me Me-fites!

Here is the symbol I am talking about. The house doesn't look like it has any sort of business running out of it, nor is there any other signage indicating what could be there. Is this symbol commonly known? Or is it just some lone guy's commentary on life, the universe, and everything.

Yes. The irony of the question mark is well noted...
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Looks like Art to me. Why not drop a note in the letterbox asking about it?
posted by flabdablet at 3:28 AM on February 22, 2007

I really like this resource for working stuff. It appears to be a question mark inside a lightbulb, which I think might refer to ideas forming from questioning. I've not seen it elsewhere.
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Response by poster: I was wondering whether it might be an obscure pop culture reference.. something from an album cover perhaps?
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Looks like a round bottomed flask atop a bunsen burner to me. Perhaps your neighbor is a chemist. Or advertising his meth lab. Or both. Anyway, just ask the guy.
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I could be way off, but from the area shown in the photograph, it looks like an entry to a garden. The "symbol" to me looks like it could be a map. It looks to have 4 entrances, & several paths to walk along to view the garden. My father is a landscaper & this looks like a layout he would make.
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Any chance you can identify the area in Google Maps, switch to the sat view, and see if it is a map of the garden?
posted by jwells at 5:24 AM on February 22, 2007

looks like a variation of a hex sign to me.
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Coud be some variation of a hex sign.
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Ha. I too say hex sign. Not one I recall having seen though.
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Indicating a labyrinth?
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Looks to me like a mashup of an old 45 rpm record adapter and a question mark. In other words, art, as flabdablet suggested.
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There used to be an online database that was searchable by symbol characteristics. It asked a series of questions, and would display a list of relevant results when you were done. (Is it symmetrical? Does it utilize rotation?) I'd recommend that, but I can't seem to find it again. Maybe someone else can harness "teh Googles" better than I at this.
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troubador, the one I knew was Symbols.com, as linked by b33j
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That's the one. I didn't find it on there, so I figured it must have been somewhere else. It looks quite different now. Thanks.
posted by troubadour at 11:41 AM on February 23, 2007

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