What's a good way to transfer MMS messages from my phone to my Mac via Bluetooth?
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What's a good way to transfer MMS messages from my phone to my Mac via Bluetooth?

Currently, I have an OK solution for moving SMS text messages off of my phone (a Motorola V330) to my computer using Bluetooth: BluePhoneElite. However, it doesn't handle MMS messages, which include not only messages with pictures in it, but also messages longer than a certain number of characters. Any suggestions? I'd prefer free software, but if I have to buy something, so be it. And I'd like to keep it on Bluetooth, rather than buying a cable if possible.
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If the phone stores the data in an accessible filesystem, you should try Bluetooth File Exchange, which comes built-in on Mac OS X. Apple Bluetooth Manual (pdf)
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, it does not. The Bluetooth File Exchange browser can't see the messages.
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It's a common tactic in the some places ("cough* US) for telcos to cripple phones so you have to use the cell network as a data carrier, and they get to screw you coming and going.

What Bluetooth profiles does your computer say that your phone supports? Maybe you can push from the phone to the computer, instead of trying to pull from the computer end.
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I just went through this sort of bullshit to download the pictures from my phone's camera without paying to transfer them over Verizon's network.

Basically, the phone companies don't want you to do this at all. When I got this phone, which was the first one I got with a camera, they tried bigtime to push expensive picture messaging on me.

Unfortunately, the methods I ended up using apparently will not work for your phone and in any case involved a cable. One suggestion: with the way the phone manufacturers and telcos are willing to treat you, I felt no qualms about downloading their software from Pirate Bay, although for me their software didn't help.

Try searching (by model number) or asking on the mobiledia.com forums.
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