I ate the 'Grilled Pork Chops and Vietnamese Crushed Rice'. How do I make it at home?
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FoodFilter: I recently ate in Republic Noodle in NYC while on a visit there. I ate the 'Grilled Pork Chops and Vietnamese Crushed Rice'. It was tasty. How can I make it at home?

Their website is here: http://www.thinknoodles.com
It's option '32' on the menu.

I think the chops are soy/honey/ginger type glaze - I can probably replicate that. But my Google-Fu fails on the rice!
It looked like each grain literally had been crushed - and it had a mild flavour that I can't remember exactly, but it was goood.

Can anyone find me a recipe?

Yes, I've googled, and I even mailed them but had no reply :(
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It's often called "broken rice" (it's the grains that broke during milling) and you can buy it at your local Asian supermarket. It's primarily used in Vietnamese and Indonesian cooking.
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I believe there is some rice vinegar in the rice. Good dish.
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You can Google for specific recipes, but the gist of Vietnamese pork chop marinade is:

- fish sauce
- sugar
- garlic/shallot
- lime juice

Marinate a couple hours and grill. Make sure your chops are sliced THIN. Garnish with Cilantro.
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BTW, this marinade also works very well with beef, preferably something like flank steak, served sliced. I also prefer brown/unrefined sugar, which adds a nice depth to mellow out the fish sauce.
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Thanks all! I'll go hunting round the Asian supermarket tomorrow...
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