Can Entourage and Exchange be friends?
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Help me make Entourage and Webmail play with each other.

I have a coworker that heads up our PR for Athletics, on a mac. Currently he's on an IMAP server and checks webmail (Mirapoint) as well. He has a lot of groups in Entourage that he has created and would like them to be available in webmail for when he is on the road. Of course we've run into some difficulties.

Switching him to exchange didn't work, all the groups are local and there are no contacts associated with the groups. Outlook Web Access also does not have an import contacts feature. We put him back on IMAP and that webmail does have an import feature, however I can't find a way of exporting a group of contacts. The only way we've found works so far is to drag all contacts from a group into the address book so the corresponding contacts are created, then export the whole list and upload into webmail, which means he still has to go back and create the groups manually.

Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to either sync this all up with Exchange or export a set list instead of the entire contact list?
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Perhaps you could get out the great big hammer, install Mailman on a Linux server somewhere, and stop using mail-client-based mailing lists altogether?
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