Tracking a URL's ranking for specific keywords?
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I need a piece of software or a web application that will help me track a URL's performance relative to specific keywords over time.

Searching through previous questions tagged with SEO, I have already found several applications ( and Keyword Tracker, specifically) that do exactly what I'm after, except for only one site, i.e. you need a Google API key.

I need something that will let me put in the URL of any site (not just my own) and a keyword (or several), and it will give me the ranking of that URL for that specific keyword. Ideally the application would track changes in the rankings for the keyword(s) over time. Does this functionality exist?

Paid services are fine.
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advanced web ranking isn't too bad, bit pricey but it's reporting tools are very good.
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ooops meant to give you the link -
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It's been a while since I've been involved in the SE ranking game, but the three places with the best info were always:

You're bound to find recommendations there from people using these sorts of tools on a daily basis.
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