convert xls to rss?
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How can I create an rss feed out of the content in a spreadsheet or a database table?

I want to then marry my data with other people's data in Yahoo! Pipes or a similar service?
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Is this a one off thing you want to do?

I'd suggest taking a look at the actual contents of a few RSS feeds. The markup is pretty simple. You should be able to build the bulk of it in Excel using CONCATENATE statements and then add the appropriate document open and closing tags and save as text.
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Try this: How to Create an RSS Feed With Notepad, a Web Server, and a Beer

It helped me, although the author isn't to blame for the date format errors in mine. Those are my fault.
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Perl and Spreadsheet::ParseExcel with XML::RSS::SimpleGen (or XML::RSS if that's not sufficent.)
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