Looking for a Hostel in Hong Kong
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Looking for a cheap, secure hostel in Hong Kong for an overnight stay next week.

I'll be teaching in Shenzhen for a year with ACES (previously). However, China's taking forever to issue me a Z Visa, and living in St. Louis, I don't have access to a Chinese Consulate or Embassy, unless I want to travel 300 miles. That being said, a work around is in progress, and it involves me staying in Hong Kong for a night. I should be landing in the city around 7:45pm on the 24th.

I've already looked online, but I'm asking here because I want to know people's experiences with hostels in Hong Kong, not just numbers on a page. I'm looking for something reasonably priced, secure, preferably with Internet access, and easily accessible from the airport. Quiet would be nice; coming off 23 hours of travel, I don't know how social I'm going to be feeling. I've found Kowloon New Hostel, which looks great, but again, I'd love to hear experiences.
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Please define "secure". Hongkong is not a dangerous place for tourists but some hostels are a f...... fire trap.

BTW, is your school looking for English teachers? I might be interested....
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Response by poster: By secure, I mean I'm looking to not get things stolen. Oddly enough, burning to death wasn't really on my concerns list. I guess I'll go ahead and pencil that in.
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I usually stay at the Man Hing Kung in Mirador Mansions on Nathan Road, as it's handy for the ferry terminal (I fly down to Shenzhen from Beijing and get the ferry from the airport to Kowloon. Hardly any queue at the border).
The hostel is cheap (HK$200 for a single room last time IIRC) and has free wireless access. It's all a bit poky in the rooms of course, but fine and secure.
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D'oh - Man Hing Lung that should have been.
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