Vacation group accomodations near Santa Fe
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Hotel/House rental ideas for 8-10 guys in Santa Fe or between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

I've got an annual trip coming up in June with 8-10 guys for 3-4 days. This year we are heading to the Santa Fe area of New Mexico.

Outside of major chain hotels, can anyone give recommendations for places to stay? Proximity to food and I mean, beer and food, are a big plus. We'll probably be hanging out, playing poker, etc. so suites are preferable to hotel rooms. Kitchen facilities also a plus.

Last year I posted a similar question for this same trip, that time going to Portland, OR. Great success-- we ended up staying at Northrup Inn, as suggested in the thread, and it was great.
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I have no specific recommendations for that area, but I've had good luck with for group vacation rentals -- there's usually a good selection for any location and the prices tend to be a better deal because you're taking out the middleman and dealing directly with individual owners. Then, you can choose something with a good living room and kitchen and whatever other amenities you desire (hint: consider access to a pool for Arizona in June!). There's a whole bunch of possibilities for Santa Fe.
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If you'd rather stay in Albuquerque, which, in my very humble opinion is much more fun than Fanta Se, and you'd like to be in close proximity to cool neighborhoods with interesting bars, I'd recommend either the Silver Moon, near downtown, or the Hiway House, near Nob Hill. Of course, both abq and sf have your usual depressing chain extended stay hotels, with kitchenettes. But the privately-owned transient flophouse-type motels can be much more interesting and fun if you don't mind slumming it.

The Hyatt Tamaya, on the Santa Ana Pueblo about 30 miles north of Albuquerque, is a very nice resort hotel with golf course, etc. You could get food and beer there, for a price. But it is very isolated from anything remotely urban. Other than that, there's not much between the two cities but a ghastly casino and a failed tourist mall. Santa Fe and Albuquerque are about 1.25 hours' drive apart.

Santa Fe will have similar hotels, though I can't think of one to specifically recommend. Most would be within short driving distance of the plaza, but it'd be a long, cold walk. The hotels right on the plaza are very pricey, and won't have kitchens, but are very nice. Eldorado, and La Fonda are among the best.
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I grew up in Santa Fe and am now living in Albuquerque. I can't really imagine staying or recommending the HiWay House or any of the transient flophouse-type hotels unless your plans for your boys weekend includes meth and crack whores. I would also recommend staying in Santa Fe over Albuquerque, and typically visitors find it much more fun. I don't know what your budget is or what you're planning to do other than hang out while you are here, but towards the higher end in Santa Fe I'd recommend the El Rey Inn and I think they have some larger suites with kitchens, also The Bishops Lodge which used to be much more charming when it was locally owned. You might also do a google search for cabin rentals in Pecos, NM which is a half-hour to an hour north of Santa Fe (depending where you find a place) off I-25. One cabin could sleep you all and would be pretty reasonable split eight ways. Lastly, there are more casinos and some new resorts in the Pojoaque area, I'm thinking Camel Rock Casino specifically, that are 20 minutes from Santa Fe and in my opinion much more scenic and fun than Tamaya. There is also a nice golf cours up there. Oh, and Santa Fe is 59 miles north of Albuquerque and the drive is really more like 45 to 55 minutels depending on how much you push the 75mph speed limit.
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Like Dr. Lurker said, the trip between ABQ and SF generally takes just 45 minutes (at 85 mph -- your speed may vary, and it had better vary if you don't have NM plates on the car, ifyaknowwhatImean). It's not a bad drive, but there is not much between the two cities. There is no public transportation between ABQ and SF, so you will need to take Greyhound or have a car or shuttle.

I can't think of many local hotels in either SF or ABQ that aren't either expensive or total rat-traps. That goes DOUBLE for Silver Moon, HiWay House, and any other small motel on or near Central Avenue in ABQ. Central is the number-one prostitution problem-area in the whole of New Mexico, you do not want to stay there! I don't even live in ABQ, and I have overheard several loud arguments about whoring, crack, etc. while walking on that street. Avoid!

In and around Santa Fe there are a couple of interesting resorts/b'n'bs: Sunrise Springs (particularly great if you're into spiritual/restful atmosphere), Ten Thousand Waves which has Japanese-style spa/lodging, and Ghost Ranch. The Camel Rock Casino mentioned earlier is also pretty nice, and only about 20 minutes' drive from downtown Santa Fe. If you would rather stay in a standard hotel, I agree with M.C. Lo-Carb!'s suggestion of either the La Fonda or the Eldorado, both in downtown Santa Fe. Those hotels are fine, well-aged, and have great atmosphere. If you don't want to pay that much, there's a pretty nice Hilton downtown as well. Do not be tempted to stay more than maybe 3 or 4 blocks off-downtown in SF -- there is very little worth doing as a tourist in the rest of town, and the hotels are not that much cheaper, so you'll just kick yourself if you try it.

Some bonus suggestions for fun stuff to do:
There are several groups that do whitewater rafting trips from Santa Fe. From downtown, drive up Guadalupe St. to Cerrillos, turn right, and the whitewater guys will be up a block on your left, just after the big intersection.
The go-to bar in SF is the Cowgirl. Ask anyone downtown for directions. There are many other bars downtown as well -- if you like pool, try the Catamount, if you like blues, Willee's.
The best deals on New Mexican souvenirs/junk are at Jackalope, which is a good deal further along Cerrillos. Just keep going from the whitewater place, and it'll be on the left after 5 miles or so.
The tramway in ABQ is great. It takes you from the edge of town up to the top of Sandia Peak -- it's more fun in the winter, because there's a ski area up there, but it's OK in summer as well, as there are a couple of restaurants at the top. Take this trip at sunset, the view is amazing!
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