Where did my macros go? what macros do you use?
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My MS Word (2003 version) macros keep disappearing! What gives? While I'm at it, what macros do you use?

I think this happens when I "save as" a document emailed to me. But the macros are not only missing from that doc, but all my docs. To add to the strangeness, this only happens to a few of my newer macros; a couple of my older macros are still there. Detective, what's going on?

I love macros and they're essential (paste unformatted, insert date, highlight, etc.). What are your favorite macros? How do you manage your them? Are there any good sites with macros and answers to troubleshooting questions like the above?
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I wonder if it has to do with the different templates of the documents you are receiving. Anyway, the help function in Word2003 has a Microsoft Office Online section that pops up in the task pane on the left. I have always been able to find answers to weird problems by searching in there.
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When opening a word doc from email, unsigned macros will be blocked by default to protect you from possible nasties
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