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Lots of people have asked about finding songs played during television advertisements, but what about figuring out what song was played during a Bryant Park Fashion Week show last week?

In specific, the Temperley London show. There's a version of a song with strings that I'm sure I recognize, but it's got a thumping bass-drum and some great percussion added in, so I'm stumped. I've been on the Temperley website--no luck. I've also Googled press coverage of the show, and there's no mention of what the music was. So help!
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Somebody recently pointed me towards SongTapper, where you can tap out the rhythm to a song and it will tell you what it was!

Maybe it will help?
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It has always irked me that television producers are under no obligation (or *feel* they are under no obligation) to list the music they use in their credits. It is much harder for people to get away from this in movies or radio.

What they will have had to do is pay for the right to feature the music so somebody somewhere will have a record. I would suggest a polite email to the producers.
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This must have been mentioned before, but for future reference:
In the UK when you hear an unknown song you like (and which is still playing), you can call 2580 on your mobile phone, and you'll get an text/SMS with the name of the song in about 30 seconds. The service is called Shazam, and it costs about 60p.
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I know you've said you visited it, but while the Temperley website has no music information, it does have contact information for PR types in both the US and the UK--no direct link since it's Flash. Call up the nearest office. The rather put-upon assistant who probably spent weeks scrambling to get the DJ to finish the damn mix already will know the answer. Say "darling" and pretend to be an important music promoter if necessary.

There are email addresses, too, but I bet an email would get lost in the post-show shuffle. Plus it's harder to kiss an assistant's butt via email.
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Seconding what bcwinters says, and here's actual experience:

I was watching the Alice Roi show on NYCTV and heard a song I loved. I went to her website and got the email address for her Publicist. I emailed the publicist asking what music they used and the next day the DJ himself emailed back with the set list. He also asked me who I was, to which I had to shamefully reply, I'm nobody. But I did get the set list!
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Thats why God invented http://www.tunefind.com/
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Stumped the hive mind... never thought it could happen.
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