How to paint skis?
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I want to paint a pair of skis. What kind of paint should I use, and what kind of top coat should I cover the paint with?

I have a pair of skis I'd like to personalize. I imagine buffing the current finish down with steel wool, spraying on a few layers of base-coat paint, adding detail graphics, and then spraying on a few layers of clear polyurethane. However, I've only ever painted wood and metal before, and I'm worried that the paint will crack and flake, given that skis are designed to bend. The topcoat also needs to be fairly thick, with some give, so that simple dings and scrapes don't gouge it all away, and I don't know whether polyurethane is the right choice.

Will ordinary spray paint and polyurethane finish do the job, or is there something more sophisticated I should look for?
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I'm not completely sure this will help, but I just read an instructable on how to paint a snowboard.

The author doesn't seem to be an expert, but it seems pretty detailed and he shows the results of the snowboard after two days on the slopes.

Hope it helps!
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I've painted skis before. What I did was remove the bindings, sand them lightly with a power sander, and spraypaint them. I didn't use a top coat, and the skis got quite a few scrapes on them. No problems with the paint cracking due to the skis flexing though, even after several years.
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