How to hard coat a baby crib?
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We're expecting in late November, and we just received a very nice, slightly used crib from my cousin. Before giving it to us, my aunt and uncle gave it a fresh coat of paint, but the top layer chips off a bit too easily for my liking. The last thing I want is for our baby to get a mouthful of paint chips when he's big enough to pull himself up and chew on the rail. What kind of coating can I put on the crib to ensure a hard, baby-safe finish?
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If you've got paint chipping off I think you'd have to strip it down to well below that layer of paint and then repaint with something like an eggshell finish enamel to be safe. There's no way to coat over chipping paint and have a durable baby-proof surface - especially since babies put their mouths on everything.
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Agreeing with leslies. They probably painted over a chipping layer- the same thing will happen if you try to give it another coat. Sand it down with a power sander or some rough sandpaper and repaint.
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They do sell a rubber/plastic sleeve that fits over crib railings, designed just for ravenous, toothing babies to gnaw on. (Even if you sand it down and repaint, the kid's still going to start chewing on it).
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i know that it's a sweet gift and gesture, but it would probably be cheaper materials and time-wise (not to forget peace of mind!) to just buy a new, cheap, crib. :)
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How old is "slightly used"? There are some safety issues to consider if it is old enough to warrent a new paint-job.
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Nthing stripping....your relatives might have used the wrong kind of paint.
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Is it made of wood? If so, could you sand it back to the wood, and use a natural oil or something to 'condition' it, leaving it non-toxic but looking nice?

(No, I am not a woodworker, and yes, this is a wild guess, but if it was me, that's the first thing I'd google. I also think tiny little toothmarks in the wood would be so cute, I'd never be able to give the crib away!)
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Nthing strip/ sand down to wood finish. If you want a nontoxic, baby-safe painted surface, give milk paints a try.
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