Non-Alcoholic Beer
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Without having to go out and buy and try all brands, could I bother the community for a general consensus on what you think is the best non-alcoholic brand of beer? Import or domestic. (no fun in trying all brands of this stuff)....Thanks in advance.
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I've tried Caliber, O'Douls and Molson Excel. My marginal preference is for the Excel, but I'd let price dictate. They're all pretty much the same. When beer isn't an option, you're probably better off with a can of Coke.
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I recall them all tasting a lot like dead piss, with the exception of Haake Beck. Give it a try; it actually sort of tastes like beer.
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I second German Non-Alcohol Beers and particularly Haake Beck. The Germans know their beer and there is actually a lot of non-alcoholic beer drinking that goes on there.
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My favorite in a very bad beverage category - Caliber.

But seriously, ask yourself what the point is. There are many things that taste better than NA beer. Many many. After you drink enough NA beer you'll realize that you probably didn't drink beer for the taste.
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All the ones I've tried have been dreadful, improved only slightly by chilling down to virtually frozen. I guess Kaliber was marginally the least horrible.
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I've choked down an O'Douls or two without croaking. I greatly prefer a quality ginger beer or sasparilla/rootbeer, though.
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A recovering alcoholic friend of mine swears by Buckler, and I know he's tried everything.
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Mr. Shoeburyness recommends the Haake Beck. Usually if he can't have alcohol for some reason (has to drive, go back to work, etc.) he'll just take soda or tea over NA beer unless they have Haake Beck.
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Malta Guinness is non-alcoholic and has an interesting taste, you may struggle to get hold of it. Very different from the lagers you list.
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