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My wife loves orchids, and so I'd like to do one of these 'orchid of the month' programs. Anyone had any experience with any or recommend a good one (I'm in New York)?
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I've used Calyx and Corolla for monthly flower gifts before. The stems are shipped with insulation and careful packaging and arrive just as they say -- once a month. Here's their Year of Orchids package, which you can also purchase in shorter gift terms like 6 or 3 months. I just ordered online and they charged my card for the entire gift amount when the first month's flowers were shipped.
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I'm a big big fan of Santa Barbara Orchid Estates. It's a really cool little hideaway business, and their selection is insane. I poked around their website a bit and didn't see a "orchid of the month" program, but could have sworn they had one. If for any reason you find yourself in Santa Barbara, this is a great place to check out in person.
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The Santa Barbara Orchid Estate is, in fact, cool and definitely worth a visit.

Recently CostCo started carrying huge 3 and 4 spike orchids for $20! Not the orchid of the month, but you could drop by every so often and pick one up.
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Seconding SBOE, or at the very least, do something with guys who specialize in orchids. You can ensure that the quality of the plants and their potting medium/growth/etc. is good.

Lots of florists and stuff tend to neglect the actual needs of orchids with the assumption that people don't care or want them to survive, so fuck 'em.

I have heard really great things about Norman's Orchids as well - his plants are supposed to be gorgeous (and that's the price for you), but I am pretty sure he pots them in all spaghnum, which might be a problem if your wife tends to be an overwaterer. They're not that hard to repot, though, and I have drooled over the selection at Norman's for a long time.

Odom's Orchids also has a plant of the month club, and I have some plants from them that are spectacular. Really good growers.

So are Carter & Holmes. That's a link to their plant of the month club.

These are all really reputable growers who specialize in orchids, who know their stuff, and are going to send you gorgeous, healthy, beautiful plants that will have a head start over your basic, run-of-the-mill crap that general florists and so on get. You're going to pay more, but the quality of the plants can't be beat.

These guys should be able to ship anywhere, although they might refrain during bad weather in the interest of the health of the plant (this should tell you something about their desire to ensure the quality of the plant).

You also might want to try checking around on the Orchid Forum at Gardenweb - that's a treasure trove of people who are more knowledgable about orchids than anyone else on the planet.
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