How is the Climate Control wired in a Mercury?
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I'm installing an aftermarket stereo in my 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis, and now the Climate Control won't turn on.

I wired the wiring harness as specified in the instructions, and connected everything, however, there were 2 plugs left over from the car side. I presume one of them has something to do with the Climate Control display, but I have no way to be sure.

I didn't force anything or do anything that would otherwise damage the interior of the car. I am tempted to put the stock radio back in and take it to Best Buy, but I'd hate to pay $50+ for what may just amount to be one wire.

I've been searching Google all morning and have scoured countless dated forums, but the depth of the answers I've received is "use a wiring harness". I've done that, but i'm missing something. Any help would be appreciated!

caveat: I can install junk in computers, but I know virtually nothing about cars.
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I hope this doesn't sound insulting, because it's not meant to, but did you check the back of the climate control display to see if it's obvious where one/both of the cables might connect? Or, perhaps you jarred another cable loose while removing the stereo?

This is surprisingly easy to do without noticing while working in the confines of a car's dashboard. Try hooking the stock radio back in and see if the climate control display works. If it doesn't, then you should try and get to the back of it.
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Standard disclaimer: Before doing anything electrical, disconnect your battery first.

1. Fuses. Check any and all fuses that may affect what's not working. There should be a fuse box in the engine compartment and another one in the passenger compartment (near the left end of the dashboard).

2. Wire harness. If any wires you connected were labeled "Illumination", try disconnecting them and see how it works. Different cars have the dimmer switch wired up different, and funny things can happen if you hook it up wrong.

3. If there are really extra connectors you think should plug into the climate controls, try plugging them in; each connector should be uniquely keyed to make sure it only fits where it's supposed to.
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