Help me find something to Ourtunes that works.
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I have a Mac. OurTunes doesn't work. What will?

I have a Mac. OurTunes doesn't work. What will?

I'm on a college campus. I've already tried GetTunes and Blue Coconut, both to no avail. I'm using the newest version of iTunes.
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They haven't caught up, yet. If you wish to break the law, you might look into alternatives.
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The authentication changed with iTunes 7. According to, David Hammerton (his previous work is used in both ourTunes and myTunes) has agreed to reverse engineer the new authentication scheme. When this is done, ourTunes can be easily updated to work with the new version of iTunes.

Hymn is a piece of software that happens to work with iTunes, but it's not an alternative to ourTunes.
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Response by poster: Hymn and JHymn have failed me.
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Yeah null terminated is right (and he's the guy who wrote mytunes redux, which also stopped working btw). You should donate money to (I did) so we can have David Hammerton do this for us. Until then you are simply SOL.
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Hymn doesn't work for iTunes past 6.0. OurTunes is one big reason that I haven't upgraded to 7. You might want to look around for 6.0— I remember running across it recently on a repository of discontinued software (provided for folks without the hardware to run newer versions, ostensibly), but I can't seem to remember where (and google hasn't helped me).
If you have the installer discs for your OSX (and it's not brand-spankin' new), you may be able to reload iTunes 6.0.
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