Help identify this Looney Tunes music
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Help me identify this piece of classical music from Looney Toons. Its the music they play for a scene at dawn with birds chirping. The only way I can describe it is to piece out the first 10 or so notes. Keep in mind the key is most likely incorrect but the intervals are. It goes like this (moving downwards on the scale until G then back up to D again. Sorry i'm not a musician so forgive the description): D-B-A-G-A-B-D-B-A-G-A-B
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The William Tell Overture? Not the Lone Ranger part but there's another section that is often used as cartoon "morning music"
posted by vacapinta at 3:17 PM on January 23, 2007

I'm guessing it's Grieg's Morning, just because that's the cliche song used for just such a scene.
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Try the MIDI at the bottom of this page to see what I mean (sorry, all I could quickly find)

If not it might be Greig, also on that page.
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Grieg, Edvard: Peer Gynt suite No. 1 Morning mood (found at by inputting your string)
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Yeah, it's the Grieg.
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Actually what follows is more distinctive to me:
(am I correct?)

If so, I have no idea what it is, but yeah, it's universally used for morning music in old cartoons and cheap productions, it seems.
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Gotta be Grieg.
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Chococat is right on the money.. thanks!!!
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its Morning Song by Edvard Grieg. from his Peer Gynt Suit.

yay, i got one, ya'll!
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aww man... i missed. :-(
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Isn't it amazing all that happened in 10 minutes? There were no replies, but after I went out to the piano and tapped out the notes and wrote my reply, the problem was solved. Wow.
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The next time you get stuck like this, try entering your unidentified melody into Musipedia (or Melodyhound, its underlying engine). Given the intervals you specified, Musipedia returned the Grieg as its second hit.
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Grieg also wrote the two-lovers-running-toward-each-other-in-slow-motion song and the snooping-around-the-haunted-house song.
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Ha! I vaguely remember hearing the music vacapinta posted in an elementary school video about rossini and thinking "breakfast cereal", but I never knew it was part of the William Tell Overture. I figured people would make fun of me if I suggested that such a common melody was part of a famous work and now I feel vindicated! Yay AskMe!
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saucy intruder (or anyone), can you find a midi or write out letter notes of the haunted house song please? i need to know!
ps, i love this thread very very much, amen.
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The Seattle Symphony did a concert featuring both classic Looney Toons and the music in them a few years ago. The whole family went to see it (two tween boys included). Great programming choice by the symphony, and a big hit for the kids (and their animation-loving parents).
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Goetter - that Musipedia site is pretty amazing. Thanks for posting.
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People who are in here will probably like this thread about cliched uses of classical music.
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twistofrhyme - google "hall of the mountain king"
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oh yes, that- thats what i thought. but i thought it was called "in the court of the crimson king" for some reason, possibly a stephen-king related reason. thanks, saucy intruder!
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Hmmm.. In the Court of the Steven King. It might just work. In the Court of the Crimson King is King Crimson's earthshaking debut LP. And I will stop before going on to Hawkwind's Hall of the Mountain Grill.
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