When does Spring bloom in Washington, DC?
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Historically, when is Spring in full bloom in Washington, DC?

I have friends coming in from out west and would love to have them visit during that three to four week period that DC turns into a gigantic botanical garden. I've lived here for three years and seem to remember all this occurring in late April/early May (after the cherry blossom festival)...

Fellow DCists please respond, I need your validation...
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That sounds about right. Of course, this year, it may come earlier, due to the unusually warm winter we've had so far.
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late April early May seems right to me, but might this not be the best year for the bloom? I remember seeing reports in December when I was in DC that the warm temperatures were causing the cherry trees to blossom early. IANAB(otanist), but I would think that might affect one's predictions.
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Some cherry blossoms have bloomed, but not the ones around the tidal basin (they're a unique species).
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Definitely mid-April through mid-May. And I always know when to look for lilacs, because they bloom right before my birthday (5/2)
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The cherry blossoms come out a bit sooner than everything else, which is one of the reasons they're so much fun--they're a harbinger of what's to come. Late April is about right for the other blossoms, but jrb223 is right about this year--our bulbs have already started coming up, so who knows? You might check out the Arboretum's schedule--they're planning on giving azalea tours the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May, so that might be a good indicator.
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Even better.
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The National Park Service updates a web page each year as the cherry blossoms go through their phases of blooming. Here are the historical records for the last several years, which give some sense.
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Actually, if my memory serves, the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin peak EARLY april, not late. Exhibit A, taken April 1, 2002; Exhibit B, taken March 31, 2006.
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Thanks everyone!!!
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Check the dates for the Cherry Blossom Festival, it usually falls towards the middle or end of when they're out in full bloom.
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I'd be careful with that one... the Cherry Blossom Festival Dates don't always manage to coincide with the actual blooms. (Mother Nature has been known to trick the event planners.) Dave Faris has it right for the cherry blossoms: usually early april, although it could be earlier this year due to the warm winter.

As for everything else, some bulbs go right before the cherry blossoms, and everything else tends to pop (not too long) after.
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