Pain in foot.
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Sometimes I get a feeling in my foot, and a few seconds after I get this feeling that something is stuck, and it feels very painful for about a minute.

If I move my foot around while I get the initial feeling, I can avoid the pain.
Also if I touch it, it feels like something hard is there.
I've found a photo of a foot and circled the area where the pain is and where I feel something.

This happens maybe once or twice a month, but it's annoying!

Does anyone know what it could be?
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A cramp?
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Definitely a cramp. I get 'em all the time in the same area. If I flex my big toe backwards when I feel one starting, I can usually head it off. Annoying but harmless.
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Response by poster: That could be it! But is there something wrong with me or does this happen to other people?
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Response by poster: Awesome. Thanks for these speedy and informative responses.
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It definitely like nocturnal cramps (also here) to me.
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Argh. It definitely sounds like...
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My momma told me that eating more potassium (bananas) can help.
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Vitamin E
and lots of water. And stretch before you go to bed.
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It doesn't sound directly equivalent to the foot and leg cramps I have occasionally, but if it is bink's suggestions should work well.

I cramped up very often during Navy Boot Camp, and learned in the process that there is *usually* a sweet spot, a position you can keep the muscle in to minimize duration and pain.

When my foot cramps, resting the bottom directly on the floor with at least some weight behind it usually stops the pain in its tracks.
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I get these pretty often. Flexing your toes upwards usually makes it go away fairly quickly. When you do this, the pain gets much worse, then almost immediately goes away.
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I also get these from time to time. I also occasionally get them in my chest, and most uncomfortably, in the area under my jaw. It has the same stiff feeling you describe.
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I get those too in my feet and my calves. I found eating a few dried apricots every day when they flare up makes them stop happening. If you're in the middle of one you can put your foot flat on a hard cold floor and bear down, or you can get something about the size of a soda can and roll it with your arch to unstiffen the muscle.

You can also try soap in your bed - apparently it works for leg cramps, maybe it'd work for foot cramps too. (I passed this Snopes link on to my grandmother and she said soap helped with her leg cramps.)
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If you're describing the thing where you wake bolt upright at 2am with what feels like a pulsing knot in your calf muscles, I used to get those. In my case what seems to prevent them is making a conscious to fall asleep with your legs straight. I still get those initial twinges sometimes if I'm lying in bed with my legs bent.

I couple times a month sounds awful. For me it was a couple times a year.

I was given the same advice about eating more bananas (for potassium), but I didn't really notice a difference when I tried that.
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This is what I've always known as a Charley Horse. I used to get them a lot before I started running. Standing on that foot makes it stop right away. You might want to start doing regular stretching to prevent them (as well as the usual water and potassium advice.)
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I used to get this a lot in my sleep. It would wake me up, and I'd be totally in pain.

From my physical therapist :

When you get that feeling, bend your foot upward at the ankle and hold it that way until the pain goes away.

Worked for me.
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(and yes, when I bend my foot upward, I'm also bending my toes upward. I should probably have mentioned that)
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This certainly sounds like a foot cramp. I can induce the same cramp in an identical spot by curling my toes down. It last a little while, feels like a painful pressure, then goes. It's not harmful as far as I can tell, and bending my toes back or standing up seems to fix it.
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There's a lot of it about.
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For the record, bananas aren't really that high in potassium.
Here's a PDF of the USDA's food lists, sorted by potassium content. Bananas don't appear until page 4.
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Soap in the bed?? WTF?

That's one of the most interesting things I've seen, ever. I am now on a mission to find someone with leg cramps so I can prescribe this cure!
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This was kind of mentioned in the afore-linked AskMe thread, but you might want to read a bit about plantar fasciitis and see if you think it fits the bill.

Of course, it could just be a cramp.
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