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Will the BFP-7 food processor attachment work on my Cuisinart SPB-7 blender?

I have the Cuisinart SPB-7 Blender. There is a very similar item from Cuisinart, the BFP-703 that also has a food processor attachement in addition to the blender. The bases seem to be almost identical, physically. The BFP-7 just has a "food processor" button instead of one of the blender speeds. My hope is that the only real difference is the label on this button.

If I can get just the food processor piece (there is one on Craigslist at the moment), would it work? I'm pretty sure that it will fit, but my concern is that none of my blender speeds would be appropriate. How fast should a food processor spin, in relation to a blender?
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Best answer: My first source for parts info is always Culinary Parts unlimited. They saved me big time when I needed to buy a new blade for my Cuisinart CFP - 5 which is ancient (and they told me the first Cuisinart actually sold in the US). Awesome customer service. A quick online check and they seem to have merged with The Gourmet Depot Co. so I can't verify the quality of their customer service but I still recommend that you give them a call 1-800-424-6783. I did do a search on their site and it looks like many of the cutting and food processing attachments are listed for use in both the BFP-703 and SPB-7 models so I think you'll be able to go for it! Still worth a call.
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