Recommendations for house inspection companies
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InspectionFilter : we just had an offer accepted for a house in Westchester, NY, and we need to get a house inspection done quickly. Does anybody have a recommendation for an inspection company in Westchester, and is there anything I should know going in (questions to ask etc?)
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I would ask the realtor who brokered the deal. I will check tonight from home for the name of the person/firm that did mine 8 years ago. I live in Westchester above 287.
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Call up the local BBB. They should be able to provide you with a list of reputable companies from which to choose.
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I don't have recommendations for an actual inspection company, but I wouldn't use your realtor for a recommendation -- they don't want the inspector to find something wrong that might break the deal. My friend got burned by a lax inspector recommended by his realtor.
Perhaps the mortgage company or a co-worker/friend can recommend someone?
Do go to the inspection with them and follow them around. If they note something not up to code about the house, ask. Ask coworkers/friends about common problems in the area (eg, termites, foundation shifting) and make sure the inspector addresses those issues. It'll probably take a couple hours.
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Do not ask the realtor.
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On the flip side, I used a Monk-like obsessive inspector on a recent offer and it really saved my butt. I knew the place would need work but not that much work.

Get somebody with lots of experience, who knows the specs on siding, zoning, heating, the whole works. Don't hire some kid who did framing a few summers.
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We had an engineering firm do ours ( Maine). It was more expensive than a run of the mill inspector ( I think it was $800 vs. $350), but paid for itself many times over. I second the "don't ask the realtor" theme. You want that person to report to you, and only you. I was even able to accompany the inspector when he was at the property, and quizzed him the whole time I was there. YMMV.
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I used Heimer Engineering for mine. It was, like lobstah said, a little more expensive than a non-engineer inspection, but it was very thorough. My place is in NYC, but they serve Westchester too.
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Just to elaborate a bit on my experience using an engineer: We made an offer on a 150 year old farmhouse pending inspection. The engineer found a problem with the foundation that probably would have slipped by someone less trained. I asked him what needed to be done, got an estimate, and reduced my offer by that estimate plus 20%. I saved 29.2K with an $800 investment.
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American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) has recommendations for your area/zip code.
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Response by poster: Thank you everybody - we went with an inspector from ProChek, and did the inspection today. The engineer was pretty thorough and did (I think) a good job.
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