A Metafilter for essays?
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A site where people write essays on a wide range of topics. Sort of like Metafilter, but less about the links and more about quality opiniated writing. Does any such site exist ?

If not, let's make one. :)
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Maybe this one?
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kuro5hin? Good in theory, less so in practice.
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Well, this isn't a site where people on the site write essays, but I have loved Arts and Letters Daily, which links to great essays on a variety of topics.
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The Guardian's trying at Comment Is Free, but the comments are full of morons and the writing is wildly patchy, since they refuse to edit.
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I really like Printculture, which is sort of a group blog by a group of (mostly) academics in the humanities, but with longish pieces that read more like short essays than extended blog posts.
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Another well written and oft recommended blog is 3 Quarks Daily. High quality (and sometimes opinionated) summaries. Good links. Cool topics. One of the more magazine-style blogs that I read.
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I think zpousman means 3 Quarks Daily... looks fascinating actually.
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aldaily.com is a clearinghouse for what you're looking for. It doesn't write the content itself, but links to interesting essays/articles on the web. (I know you said you're not looking for links, but I think you'll be pleased.)
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A second on kuro5hin but it has gone a lot downhill since its first heady days so I've stopped reading it. Might be interesting to read the older material; you may even find two articles on there by me...
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Not Kuro5hinhttp://www.lrb.co.uk/.

There's always the London Review of Books.
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Of course, this is the right link.
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How about everything2?
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Some good suggestions here, though many are aggregators of outside essay links rather than sites whose contributors write their own stuff. 3 Quarks Daily is probably closest to what you're looking for.

If you're willing to define "essay" a bit liberally, some other blogs that often have longish, essay-like posts on eclectic topics are: 2 Blowhards, Catallarchy, the Valve, and Crooked Timber.
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AL Daily is very conservative. Not like you. Good essays sometimes, but depressingly conservative, and written by professional writers, which doesn't sound like what you're looking for.
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3quarks daily is spectacularly good. 4thing recommendation.
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