Best free utility to use (XP) to create and burn a Mix CD?
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Suggestions for the best free utility to use (Windows, sorry) to create and burn a compellation CD? [more inside]

I really need to find something that will not only copy and burn (which I can already do), but also will allow me to easily equalize and perhaps cross-fade a bit....
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Alas, Nero's not free. The state of free burning utilities for Windows is not so good. You might be able to cobble something together out of cdrtools, but it won't be pretty or fun.

Your best bet might be to look around for some "free" media player with CDR features. Doesn't iTunes/Win32 have some kind of primitive CDR support? For that matter, doesn't Windows Media Player have something rudimentary?
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I've burned compilation CDs with WMP with no problem.
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Nero's demo version lasts for (I think) 30 days, so it'll certainly serve to burn a compilation CD or twenty. It's not free, but it's free to try.
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cdrecord.exe works really well for me.

I have a working setup somewhere I'm sure I could cobble together for you. Although I do do all my burning from linux. Been using cdrecord for ~7 years now, it's NEVER, not even ONCE given me a bad burn yet.

For those who care:

cdrecored speed=x dev=x,x,x -v -pad -audio file1.wav file2.wav, etc, etc

Find the device by:

cdrecord -scanbus
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iTunes for Windows.
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Have they fixed the bugs in iTunes for Windows. I feel compelled to let everyone I see know that the initial release literally trashed the CD-ROM drive on one machine, and seriously fux0r3d a second machine. It was bad, bad software.
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DeepBurner (downloadable from for free) has all you need. i've been using it for a few days and it seems very good and most important for me: just as easy to use as nero.
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It's not free, but Cd- Architect, by SoundForge/Sony, is fairly awesome and easy to use, especially for fine-tuning your crossfades. I understand it's not so hard to find a copy.
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