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Please name this music...

Anyone recognize the music used for this trailer? Or is it likely written for the game itself? If so, please recommend similar music or artists.
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This might be up your alley
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Please name this music...


Sorry, bad joke. But that's clearly yer basic ambient music, circa 1985 or so. Try Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works, KLF, Tangerine Dream (check the samples) and a host of other gentle, mildly dark "chillout" music from the 90s.
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Response by poster: Thanks
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Is it Al Lindsay?
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Written for the game itself. And yes, mid 90s 'chill-out' is what you're looking for.

I love this cd set un unholy ways:

It's out of print, but if you look at the tracklistings, you'll see a lot of good tracks to look for.
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According to the credits, ALISTAIR LINDSAY oversaw "the production of an entire hours worth of original music"
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Response by poster: Dear god, does this mean I have some new age tendencies?

Ugh. ;-)
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Buy it here or if you have the game get it like this.
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Sorry, I see GeekAnimator has already done that.
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does this mean I have some new age tendencies?

Ah, don't worry. Genre boundaries are always blurry, so, yeah, there's some overlap between "new age" and ambient music. To me, though, ambient is more challenging in general; it doesn't approach things with such an obvious pleasant/healing agenda, is usually more experimental and the good stuff is as likely to unsettle your nerves as calm them. New age is generally more bland, so if you find yourself liking the bland sort of ambient, then you might start to worry.
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Selected Ambient Works was already suggested, but if you're into this trailer, there's about a 95% chance you'll love Selected Ambient Works Volume II by Aphex Twin. I love both SAWs, but the music on Volume II is much closer to this trailer than 85-92.
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Y'all love knocking New Age. It was just something for folks to enjoy that were getting bored with pop, while being too old to enjoy metal. Some of it was no better than Easy Listening that my father liked. Other was extremely tripfull, every bit as juicy as the best ambient.

And then, there was the music that came before New Age. Some of it was classical, done in synthesizers (Isao Tomita). Some was classical styled, but new work (Synergy). What they share is the rich textures, like your example.

Sadly, a lot of the non-mainstream music from the 70s has been forgotten. But it definitly was a heavy influence on the ambiet and electronica that came latter.
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The Aphex Twin ambient stuff (SAW II) is a bit more discordant than this, and Tomita, KLF (Chill Out is their only relevant album here), and Tangerine Dream are all going to be a lot more rhythmic and dense. For nice-drone like this you might check Michael Stearns, Robert Rich, Tetsu Inoue, or maybe Vidna Obmana.
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