Italians make pretty rings.
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I'm trying to find an engagement ring like this one.

A long time ago I added an Italian livejournal friend so I could practice reading Italian while I took it as a class. She recently got engaged and posted a picture of the ring (linked above) to her journal.

I made the mistake of showing the picture to my fiancee who I am still ring shopping for. Now, she's not saying she has to have a ring like it, but she would certainly like to.

According to the woman with the ring: "I'm glad that you like so much my ring, but I'm afraid to say you that is a craftmade ring, created by a designer in Vicenza (the italian city of jewellery)."

I'm in Bloomington, Indiana and not terribly close to anything in Italy, alas.

So, where on these wide internets might I be able to find a similar ring, if anywhere. Or have one custom made. Or something.

Thanks in advance!
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There are probably custom jewellers in your town.

And may I congratulate your fiancee on having incredible taste? That ring is breathtaking.
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Seconding the custom jeweller--I went into one in my small, Southern town with a sketch and came out with exactly what I wanted. That is a great picture, and it might cost a bit, but it should be easily replicable by a reputable jeweller.
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From someone who spent a lot of time looking at engagement rings recently, don't bother going to the big chains or any store in a mall. You sure won't find anything like that in them.
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Beautiful ring! Most independent jewelers will do custom work. In our relatively small town there are at least two that I know of, so Bloomington ought to have a few. Make sure you ask around, get references, etc. to make sure you're getting quality, but in general a local jeweler will be better than any of the chains or mall jewelers.

If you can't find anything in Bloomington, there will definitely be some in Chicago - maybe make a weekend of it?

Congratulations on you engagement!
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Go to and register on their boards. Ask the experts there about the best custom jeweler in Indy. Have the ring made there.
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Print out that picture and take it Argentum Jewelry (6th and College). They do custom design.
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And also. Make sure you look through their catalogs (you could also check the catalogs at Gold Casters or any of the other Bloomington jewelry stores) and in particular look at some of the designs for RIGHT HAND rings - I know I've seen many right hand rings that have the same type of flow as the pictured ring.
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It is really lovely, and I can't tell you where to find it. I do want to make sure you've considered that it might be difficult to find a wedding band that will look right with it because of the serpentine curves in the design. Maybe it could be both the engagement ring and the wedding band? It is really lovely and could serve as both. Just want to be sure you and your fiancee have thought about this.
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doh, I totally thought you said Bloomington IL. Yeah, try Indy if you can't find anything locally...
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Here. Though not exactly the same, it is extremely similar.
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Nothing to add except what a beautiful ring! Lucky girl...
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Why not find out who the Italian jeweler is and have it shipped? Or use it as an excuse for a trip to Italy...
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Miss Meg, odds are very good I'm going to buy the one you linked to. Thanks for your help!

(Although I'll probably take the picture to Argentum Jewelery and look into getting it custom made, so thank you fluffy battle kitten.)

(And thanks to everyone else, too.)
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When I saw it I thought of a few I saw while shopping at Zales, but miss meg's is perfect - get that one ;)
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