Firefox vs. BonEcho
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Is there a difference between BonEcho and Firefox 2.01? Also, why do both programs check from plugin updates EVERY time I load either program?

I have firefox set as my default browser, yet BonEcho launches, not firefox. Is there any discernible difference between the two? I'm running a MacBook Pro...any performance/compatibility differences, or is it the same program? If it's the same, then why have BonEcho at all? I'm confused.
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To help with your second question, in FF, if you go to Tools/Options/Advanced/Update, you should have the "automatically check for updates" options unchecked. In BonEcho it may be the same set-up.
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Best answer: Bon Echo was the development nickname for Firefox 2. I don't know why you are seeing that nickname as opposed to Firefox.
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Are you using a non-official build such as this one which is optimized for Intel Macs? If that's the case that is why you're seeing a different name.

From the site:
Why is the name / icon different?

I really shouldn’t have to keep repeating this, but every time I post a new Firefox release I still seem to get people annoyed / pissed off / confused as to why these builds are missing the Firefox name and icon. So here comes the strong emphasis:

The Firefox name and icon are copyrighted and cannot be used with non-official builds. These are non-official builds, so they cannot have the official branding. Pretty straight-forward. Please don’t ask me to build versions with the official branding.

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Yeah, the Mac-specific builds (Intel or otherwise) are branded as Bon Echo with a big Earth icon instead of the cute little scamp of a fox.
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Oops, to finish up: theoretically, Bon Echo is faster, but I never saw it. I trashed my copy earlier this week. Even if it were a bit quicker, it's not worth the headaches. Plus, given your machine is faster than mine, I can't imagine the speed gain was noticeable.
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Bon Echo is faster, but I never saw it.

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