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Where do I find newer builds of Quicksilver?

I know there are some newer, non-blacktree versions of Quicksilver getting made. I don't have the time or will to go hunting through forums for them, or to figure which one is most stable and best. What have you found? Is it more snappier than B56? I'm on Intel Leopard.
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Best answer: The Google Code project is here. The developer, Alcor (Nicholas Jitkoff), now works at Google and does QS as part of his 10% projects. He's stated in the past that a new release of QS will be out in the near future, but most of the development is currently done by tiennou/Etienne Samson(?) while Alcor works on a complete rearchitecture of QS. The alpha builds on that page are somewhat buggy and continue to have a number of issues, though for some people they work well. There's another guy, Ankur who publishes a blog here, but he hasn't released much of his work (though he does commit to the above repository). For other Alcor spotting, you can check out this and this. Alcor used to update Twitter and other social services but doesn't any more, probably because he gets a lot of mail and pressure to complete his work on Quicksilver due to its devoted fan base. Alcor has said in the past that his work on "nu-QS" remains private and it's best done in a vacuum, and it "will be done when it's done".

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Wow, thanks for that, arimathea. As far as I knew, the current form of QS was more or less officially dead as far as new official updates, which always made me wonder why there was still active interest in it (rather than one of the forks or alternatives). Certainly it's hard to get any other sense from the bulk of the information online. Good to know.
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Response by poster: That's it? Well, OK, you win. I did download that one from the google code project and it does seem snappier.
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If you're looking for the snappy and less of the press-shortcut-press-again-press-again-oh-look-quicksilver-died try the new LaunchBar beta, which is better for a lot of QS tasks.
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