White ABBA tape with a yellow label = which album?
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When I was a kid, I absolutely loved this one ABBA tape my mother owned. Problem is, I don't know which one I was listening to. I do remember what color it was, though.

The tape itself was white plastic, and as I recall, the label was yellow, with black or white text. (Could've been the reverse, with yellow text...but I don't think that's correct.) At the time, I was very little, and I was confused by why it said ABBA on both side A and side B of the tape. [grin] But I loved what I was hearing.

Anyone own an ABBA tape this color and remember which one it was?
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Black with yellow text = ABBA Gold

(I'd recommend this one anyway, it's a great one)
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Must be ABBA Gold.
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Why not listen to a few of the 30 second song previews on iTunes (or similar) to find the album? There's fewer than 20, and many of them are compilations, so it can;t take that long (and will no doubt be enjoyable of itself).
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Response by poster: Well, the problem is, I was so young, I don't actually have any memory of what the songs sounded like—I just know I liked 'em. 'Cause I've listened to a lot of ABBA recently to try to figure it out, and I'm still at a loss. Hence the visual nature of the question—I definitely remember the colors!
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Response by poster: I'll try ABBA Gold, though!
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ABBA: The Album has a cover which is mainly white with some other colors, including a nice splash of yellow. If it helps any, this is the one that includes "Take A Chance On Me" and "Thank You For The Music," among others.
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When I think yellow and ABBA this is the album which I remember. The colour is a bit washed out in some of these pictures - it is definitely yellow. Front and Back (geocities). Some versions of this album have a different cover with the band in a concert setting(blue/black) with Benny in the foreground playing the accordion.
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Response by poster: To clarify: I don't know what the actual album cover looked like—I'm describing above the physical cassette tape itself, not the CD, the CD cover, nor the album cover in the cassette tape box. If I knew what the album cover looked like, I'd be done by now! Thanks!
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If you liked them, try the box set, called Thank You for the Music. There are a few songs, including I Am The City, The Day Before You Came, The Visitors, and others, which are simply outstanding and of which very few people have ever heard.
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Mod note: Final update from the OP:
So I've been working on clearing out my father's house, and today I came across the long-lost tape from my childhood that I'd asked about. It turns out, this album actually WAS kind of a rarity: The cassette in question was the Spanish import of the last ABBA album, The Visitors, as pictured here (complete with the Spanish legalese.) megatherium, it turns out, came the closest to answering my question, as "The Visitors" is the first song on side 1.
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