Help me to find a place to stay in Miami for a week in March.
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Help me find a place to stay in Miami for a week in March 07.

I am traveling to Miami in March 07 for a conference that takes place in the Radisson Hotel. I need a cheap place to stay for a week. Is a hotel my only option? and if so, where are the cheap hotels? Are there flats for rent for a week? I am traveling with another person and we could share a small flat which will be ideal if it is more economical than a hotel. I never been to Miami, and coming from England have very little idea of what to expect. Will it make sense to rent a car, or is it possible to go everywhere by public transport? Thanks a lot for your help.
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I live in Hollywood, FL and there aren't many Mefites in the greater Miami area. Please add where in Miami, as there are many Radissons, and I might be able to help you find something.
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Response by poster: The hotel is here: 1601 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132
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That's out on the beach, slime. You might have some luck with a few of the boutique hotel/motels on the beach (Miami Beach, that is) but you'd definitely have to rent a car. Miami's public transport is damn near non-existent and by March, the humidity will be so unbearable that you'll not want to walk anywhere. Go to I always, always have good luck finding a deal there. Also, if you're willing to drive a bit more, you might want to try the Holiday Inn near the University of Miami. With traffic, it could take you 45 minutes to get to your destination but it's a nice hotel and reasonably priced.
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You're batting 0 foxy. That's not the beach, that's downtown, and temps in March are 64 to 81. Not a bad month to be there.

You're likely not going to find a furnished apartment for rent for a week's time, particularly not one that's going to give you a competitive rate. A car for getting around Miami is nice - foxy is right that there's no mass transit to speak of - but don't get one solely to save on a hotel since you likely would break even relying on cabs.

Additionally, there's little parking by the Radisson. You'll pay them or for lot parking, likely $15 or so a day. Factor that into your calculations when deciding if to rent and if to stay at the Rad. Depending on what you want to do you might be as well off taking cabs.

From the Rad you can cab affordably to Tobacco Road, Miami Beach (where you'll be able to walk to everything you want to, really) and some other nearby attractions. Depends on how much free time and energy you're going to have...
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I lived in Miami for eight year. It was ALWAYS too hot to me.
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Should be years...But you're right...I was off on the geography.
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That's out on the beach, slime.

I think notjustfoxybrown is a bit mistaken. 1601 Biscayne is on the interior bay, not on Miami Beach.

I know because I used to stay at the dumpy Marriott right there, the Biscayne Bay Marriott. I knew that immediately because I remember running across the Venetian causeway in the mornings out to Miami Beach.

Unfortunately, njfb was right on the public transport - don't even bother. Although if you were to stay in the Marriott or Hyatt or Radisson right there, you shouldn't need a car except to get over to Miami Beach to see the sights, and you can cab that pretty reasonably. (I don't remember a Radisson in that exact location, but if you say that's where it is, I believe you.)

That said, if you do want to rent to get around (good point on the humidity that time of year), you could try one of the boutiques WAY NORTH on MB - like above the 90's cross streets. I stayed at the Beach House hotel - didn't have the greatest beds but they gave us a corporate rate of just over $100/night, probably around the cheapest you'll get for beach-front. Or, if you want to stay closer to the convention, consider the JW Marriott Miami - about 3 miles south down the bay on Brickell Ave.

A lot nicer, and a lot more expensive. But not with the secret coupon code I'll give you if you email me (its in my profile). Only gets you down to $130 a night at that location, if I recall correctly, but its plenty nice.

Short of all that, try Craigslist, you might just find a short-term flat.
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Oh and I can give you same coupon code for the Biscayne Bay Marriott, probably gets you a bit under $100 there. But its not nearly as nice as the JW.
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or mainly what phearlez said - serves me right for taking so long to type.
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London doesn't see much of 81*F, and our 81 is different than much of America's 81. When I get off an airplane here in December I feel at my neck and smile, I like the air that way. I've heard it compared to sticking your head in a bowl of soup.

I will put the word out and see if anyone near there has anything that could help you out.

Will you be visiting for a whole week, or weekend or weekdays? If you'll be here on a weekend we could drive you out to the beach, Nick and I go out that way to catch movies and gawk at the window displays. There's some ok food out there too. Maybe by then we'll have other MeFi people and could have a real meetup!

I'll let you know what I hear about hotels/sublets. If you happen to be coming during anyone's spring break, that might provide more options for getting a flat (apartment).
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Why aren't there many mefites in the miami area?

Technically, you can go everywhere on public transportation. Your best bet would be by bus ($1.50 for adults, by the way) Bear in the mind that there's pretty much no concept of a fixed bus schedule - I'll often see 3 of the same buses in back of another, none of which are running on time.

Along Miami Beach (specifically the North Beach area) there are plenty of efficiencies and one-bedrooms that rent by the week, mostly catering to Canadian snowbirds. You probably won't find much in the South Beach or Brickell area which won't cost you an arm and a leg. You'll probably have to take two buses from North Beach to get your conference - allow about 1 and a half to get there.
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Public transportation in Miami IS terrible, but not non-existent. It costs $1.50 each way for the bus, and if you stay in South Beach/Miami Beach ("The Beach") your trip would be about 45 minutes-1 hr. The Miami-Dade County Transit website's tripplanner usually works (though not now) and can help you figure out your options. I take the bus from South Beach to downtown almost every day. It's irritating (dirty, pervs, bus doesn't go very close to my work or apartment) but generally the buses are on time, and it may very well suit your needs. If you really want to save money. I don't know if the metromover runs near the Radisson, but it does run near Brickell, and it's free.

The Radisson is not in a great location - I wouldn't stay there if I were you - not much to do. You can stay in Miami Beach or South Beach specifically, or Brickell. Sometimes Coconut Grove and Coral Gables are cheaper for hotels. For walkability and interest, I'd recommend South Beach (basically Miami Beach south of 17th), but the Grove and the Gables are okay for that too. Gables is the ritziest.

Hostels in South Beach are options - I can't vouch for anything but their locations which are good.

Hotels are expensive that time of year in Miami. I don't know many tricks to get around that.

Craigslist temp and craigslist housing swap might work, esp. if you're in London (??) and willing to swap.

Rental cars are pretty expensive in Miami. Cabs from South Beach would probably cost you about $15 each way. From Brickell less.

This is a long shot, but I've heard this condo hasn't sold and that the realtor may be open to short term rentals. It's gorgeous, nice location.

As for weather, it will be warm outside, but probably freezing almost everywhere inside. (The buses are also often frigid.)

Enjoy - Miami is fun!
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