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Can you recommend an itunes type site that lets me download DRM-free mp3s? Must be either UK based or (preferably) US based allowing downloads from the UK.

Preferably US based because of the exchange rate... $0.99 sounds much nicer than £0.99 when the rate is nearly 2:1.
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I'm a big fan of eMusic, as well.
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Third vote for eMusic. They recently launched a UK version of the site - if you're UK based, it costs more than the US one as a result of the exchange rate, but the UK rights/catalogue seem better to me than the US one (my brother has a US account and there's some stuff he can't get). It's worth a try, anyhow. Downloads are VBR MP3s.
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I also recommend emusic, but it does depend on your musical tastes. emusic carries a load of independent music but no major label releases (at least in the US).
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allofmp3, which is Russian and doesn't really pay the artists... It's cheap though.
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Boomkat (UK) just opened an unrestricted download store.
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Try also.
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Yet another vote for eMusic.
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Another vote for eMusic here, too.
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Yet another emusic fan
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Amie Street allows you to download DRM free music and it is cheaper the earlier you discover a song. when a song is most popular it is still under a buck. I am trying it out right now. It lets you choose a country outside the US and is free to sign up for.
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emusic is fucking ace as long as you like niche music. Semi-alternative tastes aren't really catered for as you often won't find much by the more mainstream "alternative" bands (Sonic Youth, Autechre, Mars Volta etc.)
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Jamendo is a Creative Commons website with music you can choose to pay for. I like it very much.
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