Where on the web can I download danceable music mixes?
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Where on the web can I download danceable music mixes...without getting heavily involved in music scenes? - including indie, world music etc.

Hi. I have a broad taste in music and currently looking for danceable mixes that are also quality music i.e. can be fun or serious but not totally commercial shite.

I'd rather not spend loads of time on forums or reading reviews so can you tell me where the motherloadz is?

Music I like includes jungle, drum and bass, indie, dubstep, detroit, electro, kuduro, dancehall, world music but anything is fair game.
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Soundcloud. Great interface, good search function (here's a search for dubstep), and its incredibly easy to preview mixes before downloading. Not a ton of stuff (yet), but worth it.
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The DJ mixes group from Dontstayin.com is a forum, but the threads all contain a link to a downloadable mix in the first comment, it has a very wide variety of genres. I definitely also second Soundcloud.
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You want some late 80's to early 90's UK techno/electro/jungle mixes, this is your place...
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I've gotten some good things from Mixriot. There's a tiny fee for downloading (you can evaluate for free) - but it's totally worth it.
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The Hood Internet immediately came to mind.
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You want podcasts. Drum and Bass Arena podcasts are awesome. The older ones, before it became "The Risky Prents" are the best as they're just straight music mixes, but Risky is a good presenter too. There are plenty of other DnB podcasts too, I like Hospital Records and Kongkast from Kongkrete Bass, and I'm sure a search through iTunes then a google followup will find you lots of podcasts for all kinds of other music too.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone :)
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Here are three great resources I regularly make use of:

www.hybridized.org for no registration, free high quality mixes by a handful of artists. Mainly good progressive house with some other genres thrown in here and there, like breaks and ambient.

www.mercuryserver.com for a broader selection for dance music. You have to register to get their hosted mixes and to see the links in the downloads area where users post links to all sorts of mixes.

www.themixingbowl.org for a wealth of electronic music provided in torrent format.
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check out this AskMetafilter question of mine from a little while ago: Free Mixes For the Masses? - a bunch of good answers & the links are all still active as far as i know

don't miss CherryFunk or SubNav
excellent mixes across the board - all free, all downloadable
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