Best camera that uses the xD card?
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Help me find a new digital camera that uses xD media cards.

So, I have been using my FujiFilm FinePix A303 for a number of years now, and it has served me well. However, when taking pictures with a newer digital camera I notice that they overall turn out better. I'm assuming this is due to the camera, since mine is much older than some of the Sony's and Canon's I've used.

One constraint is that it needs to use the xD picture card for storage. Another is that it shouldn't be a DSLR, just a compact Point and Shoot.

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Look into the Fuji F10 and Fuji F30. Avoid the F20 and F31 fd, because they have in-camera sharpening, which increases their shelf-appeal, but ultimately degrades image quality. Both the F10 and F30 have great high ISO ratings that almost no other point-and-shoot can reach, and 6 megapixels is plenty for nice prints.
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yeah, the F10 is awesome, google askmefi's old threads and you'll see the mighty DaShiv is a fan of that camera, too. and tmcw is also spot-on on the 6 megapixels thing, you don't need more than that -- it gives you a badass jpg file
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Response by poster: Awesome, I just started looking into these two and am very interested. Normally I'd drop the xD format, but my parents bought me a shiny new 1GB xD card for Christmas that I don't want to go to waste.
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With SD and CD cards at that size going for under $20 I'd seriously rethink limiting your search right off the bat, particularly if you can't find anything with image stabilization.
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Whoops - SD and CF cards.
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The F30 is a wonderful camera that takes beautiful photos, particularly in low light conditions. It's not the smallest compact camera (it's noticeably fatter than the Canon SD and Sony W cameras), but it's one snazzy camera. (I'm very happy with my F30).
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IIRC, XD basically limits you to Fuji and Olympus. The F10 is a lovely camera for the money (t'other 'alf has one) but as phearlez says, cards are so cheap now, it's hardly worth the bother...
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The F30 is a very nice camera, but realize that you're severely limiting your options by holding onto that ~$25 XD card.

I have an F30, and like it for what it is (a pocket camera), but if you've used Canon digitals before, its features and interface are rather disappointing (dumbed-down). The Canon A-Series in the same price range should be considered.
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The olympus stylus series is gorgeous, and many are water resistant.
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2nd on olympus stylus. love the water resistant feature for snorkeling.
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I picked up a Fujifilm F30 (which uses XD cards) a few weeks ago, after extensive research. I was looking for a camera with with good sensors for low-light conditions -- it is absolutely amazing.

It also has a feature which I didn't know about that has turned out to be my second favourite after the low light factor. It has a pre-set setting that can take two pictures back-to-back; the first without flash and the second with flash. This is particularly handy when you don't have the time or it is not the right circumstances to get people to stand around and wait for you to take a second "back-up" shot. Since you get one of each type of shot, you will find that one will undoubtedly be better than the other.

It has a very decent macro capability, and has a sizable viewscreen on the back. As someone mentioned, it's not an ultra-compact model, but I have no problem with it's size as it is still tiny compared to my older Nikon Coolpix 4500, which I use mostly for IPIX 360° Virtual Tour photography.

All in all, I am extremely happy with it. After extensive online shopping, and the fact that I am in Canada but wanted it shipped to my US address in NY; I ended up getting it from Abe's of Maine. They had exceptional customer service, calling me personally twice regarding my order; once to verbally confirm parts of my order, the second to confirm that it was being shipped. They shipped it next day, even though I only paid for 3 day shipping.
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Both Fujifilm F710 and F810 use xD and are great cameras. Video mode is at 30fps, for as long as you have xD storage space.
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Another vote for the fujifilm f30. There may be smaller cameras that take xD cards, but it is small enough for me to take everywhere and it's really a joy to use.

Also, the battery life is extremely long. I think I've charged it twice since I got it in October. Light to moderate use, nearly daily.
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