Prevalence of MS in the states?
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GoogleFu has failed; I'm working on a project for school and I need to find the prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis for North Carolina, how the prevalence has changed over the past 50 years, and what age groups have shown the greatest increase in MS in the past 10 years. Any one know where I could find this information, not only for North Carolina, but for other states as well?
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Have you tried the National MS Society, the North Carolina chapter? You might be able to at least call them to get info.
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Well, assuming that you didn't wait until the last day to work on this project:

The National MS Society might be willing to tell you all that stuff, and plenty more stuff you didn't even think to ask about.
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Dang. Too slow.
BTW, my Google-fu was: multiple sclerosis.
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Have you tried pubmed?
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This might be helpful as a start.
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If you're in NC and don't already use it, try NCLive for access to databases and journals. You can get the password from your school or local public library.
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Are you near Chapel Hill? (I'm guessing from your name you might be?). The reference librarians at the Health Sciences Library could surely help you. You can email, phone, IM, or stop in, so you don't have to be near campus.
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Response by poster: Not in NC--undergrad was at UNC, med school now in WV, so some of the research techniques I had access to at UNC i don't now unfortunately
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