Help me format a Mac os 8.1.1 hard drive
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I need help in formatting a hard drive that's running Mac OS 8.1. I can't find the boot CD that came with it and I will be donating/trashing the computer so all I am looking to do is wipe the hard drive. All help is appreciated.
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what model is it? does it have a floppy drive?
posted by machaus at 8:36 AM on February 25, 2004

If it's refuse destined, there is always the handy 'hammer to harddrive' method..
posted by jazzkat11 at 10:44 AM on February 25, 2004

lowendmac should have links to older os files, and there are always mac user groups (if they still exist).
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Response by poster: I don't remember the model, but yes it has a floppy.
posted by CoolHandPuke at 1:34 PM on February 25, 2004

one way would be to go here and download the image file for a system 8.1 disk utility boot floppy. scroll until you see:


Download this to your mac.

Then, use the Disk Copy utility to make a floppy disk from that image. This image is bootable and has disk utilities on it that can erase the hard drive.
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