Microfleece Blanket Pilling
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My sweetie bought me a microfleece blanket for Christmas, and it's great, except it's been pilling like there's no tomorrow, from day one.

I've run a lint roller on it, I've washed it several times, and it seems to be getting worse. I really want to 'fix' this blanket, since it was such a special present. Not to mention it's winter and I've been sick.
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Take a cheap razor to it. Should mow down the pills, although it will also damage the fabric somewhat and might make it more prone to pilling.
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Machine wash cold, hang dry to minimize pilling. I don't think it is reversable.
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Pilling comes from the fabric rubbing against itself. You'll have to physically remove the pilling (with a razor or other gadget), but when washing it, try using more water than is necessary to give it room or just a shorter agitation cycle.
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The razor suggestion does work. I also like using a sweater shaver -- I've linked to one just as an example, but there are lots of brands. (Jumbo models actually don't work as well as these smaller ones.) What I like about the battery-operated pill remover is that it collects the fuzz so it's not messy.

Whether you use the razor or the depiller, the easiest way is to hold the palm of your hand under the fabric, and press against your palm as you work. The more fine fibers you remove, the less pilling you'll have in the future.
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Dump the motherfucker already.

Oh, wait, wrong question.

To prevent this comment from getting deleted, I suggest the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Ours works way better than a lint roller for getting gunk off of stuff.
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Send for a "free" (you pay for S&H) Sweater Stone from here. I haven't tried it on microfleece, but I assume it'd work just as well as it does on wool sweaters.
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