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I'm addicted to the Discovery Channel's show I Shouldn't Be Alive, and the soundtrack is a big part of that. So here's the obvious question: how do I get the soundtrack?

Amazon and Google both let me down, so I'm assuming it's not available in standard retail channels. Are there any other ways to get it?
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The Discovery Channel has a "contact us" link here... Maybe you could ask them?
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Here's the names of some of the "sound production" people: Andy Bush, Dave Gale, David Hewson. According to some discussion on IMDB: "they [Discovery Channel] maintain they can not disclose any information on the artists which appear except in the credits of their shows. ... Also Discovery channel advised that most of the music which they use is not commercially available. I am not sure that means it can't be found on the internet but this song may be extremely difficult to track down. "

Of course, this is only relating to the theme song (which apparently is also the same as Deadliest Catch). Here's the link to the downloadable theme song.

I'll keep hunting for more info about the actual soundtrack.
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Alas, sperose, that song is just from a promo they ran (though apparently it had quite the impact). The actual theme song has no lyrics and is far more... erhm... epic? Thematic?

It's playing in the background of this video, under the initial narration. The rest of the soundtrack seems shared across episodes, too.
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Whoops. I haven't watched the show in a long ass time. My bad.

But I bring something else in hopes of redemption. This is from the adtunes forum: "Although we get many requests for details about composers and tracks of music used on both our programmes and trailers, we cannot respond to these enquiries. Much of the music on the channels is specially commissioned and not commercially available. However, please note that in many instances the musical soundtrack is usually credited at the end of the programme." link

The original discussion over there relates to the song used in the promo, but the quoted blanket statement from Discovery Channel seems like it would probably apply to a lot of the music used (if not all of it).

Maybe try watching the credits closer and see if you can find any info? (Possibly buying/renting the DVDs might help with being able to pause and read the entire screen.)
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