Job Search Tracker: If It Is a CRM, am I the Customer?
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I am starting a job search in earnest and I have been getting great response, thankfully. I am concerned, however, that something may slip through the cracks, as calls and contacts are coming in from all directions (e-mail, voicemail, others). Is there a low- or no-cost option to manage the contacts in one location (web site, computer, web server, etc.)? More details below...

I have been looking in to CRM-type apps, but nothing seems to fit, unless my criteria are too strict. I am looking for these specs:
* Preferably web-based. I can install any LAMP-type app on my web host.
* Keeps track of people, opportunities and individual calls/touches. Cross-referenced, since some people can be linked to more than one opportunity. Also I need to be able to know what my next action should be.
* Customizable would be nice, but no real coding should be necessary. Only through the GUI.

I have looked at solutions like SugarCRM and it seems overkill, but if it is easy enough to mold, I can do it.

If nothing else seems right, a web-based contacts manager with a really good notes field would work, too.
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Text files and vim?

Keep lists of contacts, when you've talked with them last, and a seperate list with what needs to be done (ie, send in a resume, follow up next tuesday.)

You then have an action list, and a reference list.

Don't over complicate this too much.
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Microsoft Outlook, use the journal?
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A legal pad?
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seconding excel.
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I second the journal idea. Not only does it keep those details straight, but I also can see my outlook and tactics on the job hunt from when I started in earnest a little over a year ago.

Couldn't be more helpful at times.
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