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Alternatives to junXion? I would like to use my cheapo Saitek P990 gamepad as a MIDI controller on OS X. junXion is not working reliably and is too expensive for my purposes.
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Best answer: You can try Pd (a free Max/MSP-like program) with the HID addon.

Also check out this post at CDM, which talks about pairing ControllerMate with MIDIPipe.

Lastly, there's Plogue Bidule, which is not much cheaper than junXion, but does a lot more.
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I've done exactly what your talking about. I just used junXion and a saitek game pad piped it into Reaktor. Didn't really run into any issues. What kind of problems are you seeing?
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Response by poster: The hinkyness as being caused by a conflict with USB Overdrive - With that uninstalled it actually is working like a charm. Now I just wish junXion was free-er.
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