Casio Tonebank CT-670 - Midi to USB - Help?
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I have a Casio Tonebank CT-670 keyboard. I bought a usb-midi cable. I've tried connecting the cable to pc. I get the red light power on for the cable. But can't get any lights to turn on for midi signaling. Is my midi cable broken, or is something wrong on the midi keyboard or pc end. I tried all possible setting available in Fruity Loops and still no sound coming through on pc end. When I push a key on the keyboard should the midi cable light up that a key has been pressed like in this video at the 3 min mark? It doesn't does this mean the cable is broken?
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Sorry no one responded.

Did you have a look at the old manual? Specifically here? Looks like it has multiple MIDI modes, and I wonder if you've got a weird mode turned on.

Also, do me a favor and swap the MIDI In and MIDI Out plugs. In and Out are often counter-intuitive to what we think as In/Out.
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