External analog to digital converter suggestions!
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External analog to digital video converter suggestions, please?

The main reason I haven't fooled around with my camcorder more is that it doesn't have a firewire link from my camera to my computer. So, I'm in the market for an external analog to digital converter. Any suggestions? Any suggestions for video editing software as well? I've got a Sony CCD-TRV338 and a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV37 laptop.
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I have a Canopus Analog-Firewire converter, and although I probably don't use it enough to justify its cost, it's a great piece of gear. It does just what it's supposed to do. You plug an analog (composite or S-Video, with unbalanced audio) into one side, and it outputs a DV stream on the Firewire port. Alternately, it'll go the other way so you can use it for monitoring.

The model I have (ADVC100) is no longer in production, but it's very similar to the ADVC110, shown here. They seem to have a lower-cost version called the ADVC55, but I don't know what it lacks in comparison. You might see if you could get a used ADVC100 on eBay; since it has no moving parts, as long as it's not DOA you should be safe getting one that's used.

What's nice about the Canopus converters is that they're totally platform and device-independent. Anything that can deal with a DV-over-Firewire stream can be used with them. I've used mine with my MiniDV camcorder (which lacks an analog in, as yours does) in order to dub tapes to MiniDV without using a computer. Very handy.
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Strange that manufacturers are discontinuing these converters. The Sony box I have ended production in 2002, but if you can find a used one somewhere, I'd highly recommend that.
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