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Polish Art - My cousin will be in and around Krakow, Poland for a few weeks. He asked me whether I wanted something from Poland. I was going to ask him to get something along the lines of posters as seen here . Does anyone know of stores in Krakow that sell these? Any recommendations on what else I could get?
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Silver jewellery using amber from Poland's Baltic coast can be beautifully decorative yet inexpensive. I don't know if this would be such a big thing in Cracow, though. If your cousin can't find a suitable poster, and if you're still interested, then the Polish Poster place you've linked to sell on-line, ship internationally and provide prompt & helpful service.
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Krakow is full of art galleries, especially in the old city center. The Poles are poster art masters and they know it. It ain't hard to find tasty stuff. relax.
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